LONDON, SEPT 22: Goan waiter working on cruise ship Arcadia hanged himself after being caught stealing tips from an on-board restaurant while the ship was docked at Southampton.
An inquest was told that Sumith Gawas, 22, killed himself in his cabin on the P&O Cruises ship while it was in dock at the port.Gawas, hailed from Colem, was a junior waiter at a self-service restaurant on boardArcadia when he was caught emptying the tips box by colleagues in the early hours of July 16 this year. He was confronted by supervisor Dharmendra Jadhav. He tried to hide £140 in notes he had taken, but they were found.
One of the key-holders for the box in which passengers could leave tips for crew at the end of a voyage, Gawas was said to be popular with colleagues.
After being caught, Gawas was told to go to his cabin. His cabin mate Joel Fernandes left for work the next morning, but came back later to get some cigarettes and found Gawas hanging. £800 in cash was found in his possession, which was more than he would have earned.
The Coroner recorded a verdict of suicide and said the shame of the theft had led him to take his life. Police ruled out any foul play.


diogofichardo said...

Sad to see a young life lost. Some parents spend a lot of money (some tale hefty Loans to pay for agents)for the better of their children. These children must resist temptation to steal and ruin their future.

Dalia said...

RIP for the poor soul. Our politicians don't even feel ashamed every time they are caught looting in billions.

N.Fernandes said...

Wouldn`t it be nice if those 40 theiving rascals(MLA`s) that currently administer Goa,with one and only one purpose in mind...LOOT... did the same.I am quite sure every Goan would be very happy to offer one of their "trees" to carry out a similiar act (hang in shame) .I am also sure there are plenty of coir ropes in Goa from " water wells".

dlp said...

Friends... Our Menino de Valpoi (Niz Goenkar) celebrated his birthday yesterday (22/09/2010). If anyone wants to wish him a belated birthday and long life, you all can do so at his email address. God Bless Menino, Long live Menino and Niz Goenkar!

dlp said...

Why used coir rope? I would buy a brand new one and offer a tree for any one of them who is willing to commit suicide. If they don't know how to do it, then I would recommend them to Ratol Baba. He's got a brand new toothpaste for them. Although I don't know whether it tastes like Colgate, Binaca, CloseUp or Monkey Brand, but in any case it is a toothpaste to clean out the user's teeth and the user for good.

Anonymous said...

The youngster shamed his family and went to the extreme, the unthinkable. No doubt, it was a petty crime but his conscience got the better of him.

Our chor ministers, have a lesson to learn here for they do not have a face. They loot and plunder the people at will proudly proclaiming themselves to be the savior of the people. These are the distinct corrupt individuals that should be condemned and led to the elevated podiums of the hangman's noose, for good.

Tragedy of Life is not Death, but what we let inside us die when we are still alive. (Unknown)

dlp said...

johnads... i couldn't say it any better than you. He went to the extreme in shame. God give his soul eternal peace. Even Judas, after betraying Jesus, went and hanged himself leaving the 30 silver coins behind. You think these corrupt assholes understand the meaning of shame? They are very proud of themselves of what they are doing. Helping the poor. Robin Hoods of the day. I wish at least one of them would learn a lesson, but then it is difficult when most of them don't even know to differentiate between A and Z.

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