MARGAO: The RDA Minister, Mr Churchill Alemao, on Monday, issued a memo to staff attached to the RDA’s Pajifond office for dereliction of duty.
On a visit to the office on Monday morning, the RDA Minister along with the North Goa RDA director, Mr G P Pilarnkar found only the head clerk, Ms Vaishali Naik in the office and signatures of two other staff on the muster role, but nobody in their seats. Ironically the two staffers had also signed for the next two days.
The director, Mr Melwyn Vaz and the peon too were not present, and were supposed to be holding additional charges.
People had complained to the minister that the nobody was there in the office to attend to them and so decided to pay a visit to find out what was going on.
When the minister questioned the head clerk as to the whereabouts of the other three staff, including the two who had signed in the muster, she was not forthcoming with her answers, angering the minister, who told her that as she was the head clerk she was responsible for the other staff and promptly got a memo issued to her and her other 3 colleagues asking for an explanation for their actions.
The minister was also upset that the South Goa RDA director could not devote proper time and attention to the office as he also held an additional charge as managing director of the Housing Board, and phoned the Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat asking him to give the RDA a director who would do justice to the job.
The minister also told media that he would be visiting the other departments under him, including the PWD to ascertain if the officers are available there to cater to the needs of the people.
Meanwhile, the Minister also held a meeting at the Collectorate with BDOs and gram sevaks to sort out the issue of pending applications under the BPL schemes. The mamlatdar was asked to clear all pending files. The minister was told that the files were pending due to some technicalities and in case the minister wanted to get them cleared then he would have to put a note on this. (NT)


Anonymous said...

Yes, it all begins from the top. When the cat is away the mice are at play.

diogofichardo said...

Dereliction of duty is led by example. These officials must have upset some friends of the ministers. The same is all over Goa the poor are made to run from pillar to post and who cares.

Joe Rebello said...

An uneducated OAF out on checking rounds! Like Diogo said for sure some friend of his or relative have been upset with these sleepy fellows in the office. What does this buffoon know about checking up.

Anonymous said...

Suddenly the Chorchill woke up?......must be trying to gain some points for election of his daughter. Everything is done with an ulterior motive.

franco said...

If at all Chor Chill is interested to perform his duties, he should set an example to them by not taking any bribes from the contactors and other means of corrupt ways he is presently undertaking. Why only this office whereas this practice of non-attendance of so many employees is being followed throughout the government offices. Also why in hell this publicity with media and photographers to show his self-image? Stop it Chor Chill all your misgivings are already known to the majority of the Goan people. So beware your days are counted.

Bebdo said...

Looking at all those files and trash piled up on the table reminds me of my visit to the Sub-registrar's office in Panjim. The birth, marriage and dead records books are torn asunder. There were a family who were desperately searching for their record but the pages were all misplaces. On a bit of paper they found one of their names, but the other half was missing.
I also saw a lot of contractors and builders making deals in the sub-registrar's office. And surprises of surprises, I also saw Falcao the office boy who was raided by the Crime Branch and was suspended for accepting bribes. If I may recall, the news about the raid was published in all newspapers saying the crime branch had found a number of birth and other certificates in the possession of Falcao and some cash. This man is back at work. What the Goan media is doing? Are they sleeping? Why did they not do any follow up on this person? And how is he back in the office? I know he is from Taleigao and the Monster Rat must have used his influence to reninstate him. When the master is corrupt, why won't the servants resort to corruption?
Wake up Goans, wake up.

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