The local who was arrested on Sunday by the Agacaim police with a country-made pistol, told the investigating team that he purchased the weapon for Rs 7000 from Hazaribagh district of Bihar.
DySP Deu Benaulikar told reporters that Suhas Godse, a resident of Curchorem during interrogation admitted to have bought the weapon from Bihar to sell in Goa as he assumed it would have fetched him much more money.
“He purchased the country made pistol from a shop at Hazaribagh to sell here to later expend the bulk amount on boozing, as he describes himself an alcoholic. We are further interrogating him,” said the officer.
Godse, who has separated from his wife and two small kids, apparently has a mistress back in Bihar with whom he lived for about three-months before travelling to Goa this Sunday.
A private electrician, Godse (38) has been remanded to eight-day police custody by a local Court. Acting on a tip-off, police nabbed the ‘pistol seller’ on Sunday evening when he was looking out for a prospective buyer to sell the weapon at Bambolim.
He has been booked for illegal possession of arm, who alighted from a train at Vasco Railway Station from where he came to Carambolim and then at Bambolim where he was netted red-handed. (H)


Anonymous said...

Just give him a bottle of fenny and he will spill the beans. Viva Fenny, viva Goa.

Unknown said...

This shows that the Goa Police can't function on it's own unless there is a tip off or someone lodge a complaint. This is the fate of Gua Police. They are blind too and can't see any Matka booths around them. However, when Casinos are legal in Goa, why not matka? Both are gamblings. One is rich man's game and the other is poor man's game.

Shyam Sawant said...

Does anybody on this forum think that this man is a Goan the way they termed him as a local? We do not have any Goan Godses. Who made this man a local?

dlp said...

Shyam... Our, corrupt politicians with the help of the media people are responsible for making these people locals. If something good was done for a good cause, he wouldn't be a local. Like Dalia said, Gua Police cannot function on it's own. If they could, "GOA" POLICE would not have turned into "GUA" POLICE! Thanks Dalia.. you have given them the appropriate title that they deserve. Let's fight to save our GOA and not allow all these monkeys to transform into GUA.

Dalia said...

Welcome back DLP, your short absence kept a void on the forum. I wish more readers comment and expose these sellers and destruction contractors of Goa. Shyam's comments always make a point. Was this Godse on a killing mission like Nathuram Godse?

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